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wRiTiNg iS mY KeY….

reading is fundamental!

I was up early one morning and decided to write….a short story nonetheless.  I woke up around 5am in a cold sweat and heart racing. The dream I  had was really, REALLY weird-almost surreal. 4 hours later I created an exact replica of my dream, only in paper form.  It’s funny that I sometimes can’t remember thoughts I may have gathered a few seconds ago, let alone my dreams.  It was obviously some kind of sign from above that made me remember every single detail.  Another one of my goals before I hit 35 was to write and publish a short story/book of poetry/novel.  I think I may just do that….Simon and Schuster, here I come!

L. Jones



ThE D! PoLo

Here is an example of how simple can be associated with perfection. Ladies, I present to you the D! polo by DaWnYeLe! As you can see, this is a very comfortable polo-styled shirt that can be worn with anything, especially jeans!  If you like, show your support for the simple lifestyle and click here to buy.

SoMeOnE’s GoNnA WeAr mY sAcRiFiCe…

Ok, I am now able to get back on track with my “DaWnYeLe! t-shirt line”…I had a little issue with the monetary aspect of starting up a small little business.  Moving to another location is the blues, I tell ya.  It costs money; LOTS of money.  I had to use my stash to accommodate the moving expenses, and that put a little damper on me and my goal of having the site up and running by late September.  Setbacks are aplenty, but as long as you don’t lose focus, then go for it!  My mom said that to me.  With that said, I’m going to shoot for end of the year…end of October to be exact…October 30th to be even more exact. Thankfully this blog is running great so you can see what I’m up to as well as peek at my shirts.  Everything takes time and success almost never happens overnight (even though I would like that, hehe) but with hustle and hard work, everything will work out when it’s supposed to.  Stay tuned for the simple!

L. Jones

oOh i CaNt BeLiEvE iT!

I cAnT BeLiEvE iT!!

So I was in P.C. recently (that’s Panama City for the folks that don’t know) and decided to stop by the world famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum.  I never knew how cool, yet bizarre, this world is.  Everything is here, from the world’s tallest man to the man with two pupils in each eye!  I recommend everyone check it out and see that life is not as simple as you think…..

L. Jones

TeE oF tHe MoNtH…

Women's Scoop Neck Tee - Women's T-Shirts SiMpLe TeE

SiMpLe TeE

Well here it is…the very first Tee of the Month.  It all starts with one.  This comfortable attire looks great with a pair of  jeans for a day around town or a night on the town!  Look fab in everything you do.  If you like, simply click on the shirt to buy. For more items, click here.


CPK is Great

So I was in the ATL doing a little shopping and decided to stop by the California Pizza Kitchen (one of my favorite restaurants) and tried the Meat Cravers Pizza….Greatness.  For those who think pizza is just pizza…there is a huge difference between take out places like Pizza Hut and gourmet places like CPK.  Love it.

L. Jones