Everyone should enjoy themselves..

Ok, I am now able to get back on track with my “DaWnYeLe! t-shirt line”…I had a little issue with the monetary aspect of starting up a small little business.  Moving to another location is the blues, I tell ya.  It costs money; LOTS of money.  I had to use my stash to accommodate the moving expenses, and that put a little damper on me and my goal of having the site up and running by late September.  Setbacks are aplenty, but as long as you don’t lose focus, then go for it!  My mom said that to me.  With that said, I’m going to shoot for end of the year…end of October to be exact…October 30th to be even more exact. Thankfully this blog is running great so you can see what I’m up to as well as peek at my shirts.  Everything takes time and success almost never happens overnight (even though I would like that, hehe) but with hustle and hard work, everything will work out when it’s supposed to.  Stay tuned for the simple!

L. Jones


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