Everyone should enjoy themselves..

wRiTiNg iS mY KeY….

reading is fundamental!

I was up early one morning and decided to write….a short story nonetheless.  I woke up around 5am in a cold sweat and heart racing. The dream I  had was really, REALLY weird-almost surreal. 4 hours later I created an exact replica of my dream, only in paper form.  It’s funny that I sometimes can’t remember thoughts I may have gathered a few seconds ago, let alone my dreams.  It was obviously some kind of sign from above that made me remember every single detail.  Another one of my goals before I hit 35 was to write and publish a short story/book of poetry/novel.  I think I may just do that….Simon and Schuster, here I come!

L. Jones


Comments on: "wRiTiNg iS mY KeY…." (1)

  1. So far so swell. Your site is just like your fashion, simple and sweet. Thanks for the link in your blogroll.
    So when your actual site is up and running will you continue to Blog on here? You’re doing something that I’ve said for quite some time, that fashion needs to be more simplified and back to basics in design, but still have a feel of individuality to it. If you ever start doing classic designed well tailored mens wear that is fitted in the waist, you’ll definitely have a customer in me. Keep it up.

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