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S.g.I.o.T.w. #3


So you’re probably wondering “what in the hell is this?”.  Well folks, this is what you call fabulous artwork  by the incomparable Jean Paul Gaultier in the form of a “well endowed” man with cologne inside.  Aside from the obvious vision of the bottle, what’s inside is the thing that matters most. The fragrance is called Fleur De Male and it’s a winner. It was introduced in 2007 as a summer fragrance with notes of orange blossom and something called petitgrain flower. This is perfect cologne for the fall season for men to wear and to make the ladies swoon.  And priced just right at about $40, its a must have in their collection.  Ladies, get your man some smell good!

L. Jones


BaTtLe StUdIeS….

I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to John Mayer’s music. It was about 2 a.m. and I was parlaying around a neighborhood Wal-Mart…drunk. I went over to the music aisle and sampled this album called Heavier Things from this guy called John Mayer. I was vibing to it but then that vibing was overshadowed by me throwing up on some cds next to where I was standing. I hustled out of there and went to ANOTHER Wal-Mart the next day to buy the cd. I’ve been hooked ever since.  His music is deep and often thought-provoking, which is what’s missing nowadays.  Every time I want to just mellow out and listen to good music, I pop in a JM cd.  I call it “having a Mayer moment“. This is a new song off his upcoming BATTLE STUDIES album called Who Says. Enjoy.

L. Jones

tHaT sMeLL gOoD iSh….aGaIn.

The One

I was moseying around a department store yesterday and was stopped by one of the employees near the fragrance aisle. “excuse me, would you like to sample our new fragrance?” Of course I obliged but was immediately taken aback by the smell that crawled up my nose and died.  Yeah, it smelled like horse sh**.  I won’t say the name of the perfume, as it isn’t really important…plus I want to stay far away from it!  I will, however, tell you about the one I did enjoy, appropriately titled THE ONE by Dolce & Gabbana. Sweet notes of peach, plum, amber and vanilla take over your senses at first sniff.  This one is for the diva who wants to be noticed while out and about.  The cost: about 50 bucks for a 1 ouncer.  That’s all you really need to make your statement to the fellas.  This one is truly DaWnYeLe cErTiFiEd!

i’lL DrInK tO ThAt…..


So I had the chance to partake in a few drinks recently with a great friend of mine.  I was introduced to a new, up-to-date version of the Cape Cod.  It’s a classic drink that mixes 4 parts cranberry juice and 1 part vodka to create a nice bitter drink that’s not too sweet nor strong.  When mixed just right, it’ll have you feeling really REALLY good for the remainder of the night.  The drink pictured above, however, has more vodka than normal with only a splash of cranberry juice.  At first glance it looks like something very innocent…but don’t let the looks fool you.  More powerful than a locomotive, this Super Cape Cod is sure to make even the man of steel say “damn”.  The kicker is that the hint of cranberry juice blankets the taste of the vodka a little to create a nice drink to sip on.  This is a DaWnYeLe certified drink so it’s simple to make and try..but with caution.  It may lead to forgotten nights and regrettable mornings haha.  So please drink responsibly.

L. Jones

ThAt sMeLL GoOd IsH…

ViVa La JuicyWhen going out for a night on the town, what’s the one thing you have to make sure of? Well, other than your keys, wallet, purse and other default necessities.  I’m talking about smelling good. What’s the point of looking fabulous and not smelling fabulous?  That’s why I am going to start a new segment called (drumroll please…) That smell good ish of the week! I’m going to point out new (and older) fragrances that’ll complement your confidence and simple-sexy style, starting off with this week’s pick VIVA LA JUICY by Juicy Couture.  This fragrance exudes passion and the goodlife.  With hints of wild berries and mandarin mixed with honeysuckle and jasmine, this one is undeniably fresh.  Although it’ll set you back about $60 (and about $100 for a giftset, ouch!) it’s well worth it. Ladies, men love a great smelling woman and this one will make them drool!

L. Jones

MuSiC iS ThE UnIvErSaL mEdIcIne….


I”m sitting here vibin to the Kanye West album 808’s and Heartbreak. Even though he is not the most loved man in the world right now (yeah it was pretty foul what he did at the VMAs), no one can deny his talent.. So when I first heard this cd, I wasn’t too impressed. Then I began to realize something…what he went through (or probably still going thru..i dunno) was a harsh reality that I think a lot of people take for granted. One day you’re here, then the next you’re not. In his case, he lost two loves within a very brief period. That’s damning to any person, regardless of how strong they think they are. On the flipside, the old saying goes “you’re at your best when you’re at your worst”. The creative side of his brain was at it’s absolute best at that time in his life….all because he was at his worst.

It’s never easy to get over heartache, whether it’s a breakup or death of a loved one. People are at their most emotional state when it occurs. How we handle it and the support system we have in place are the true tests of our well-being.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Remember…prayer overcomes all.

L. Jones