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Oh the horror of December 26th…

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December 26th…The one day most people in retail hates. It’s Return Day. You know, those pair of socks with the bunny ears that your aunt Clara just had to get you…The Santa sweater that makes your tummy turn (what am I, 6 years old??)..or worse, that one electronic gadget that just didn’t work, no matter how many batteries you tried (and that’s that one I really wanted). Oh well, you and several thousand others will be standing in that Wal-Mart line, patiently for 3 hours just so they can tell you “Sorry no refunds. Exchanges or store credit only”. WTF!! No worries though because you can at least buy groceries there. Nonetheless, Happy Dec. 26th to everyone….and good luck!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all! I hope you have a warm, lovely and SAFE holiday.

She Makes Me Happy….

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard was from a little British songbird named Corinne Bailey Rae.  If you never had the opportunity to check out her 2006 self-titled album, then you’re seriously missing out on absolutely great music.  Seriously.  Here’s a new song called I’d Do It All Again from her upcoming disc, due out in January 2k10.  This song shows that great music is still around.  It is so subtle with lyrics, yet displays so much conviction in her voice.  I love her, and I’m sure you will too.  Enjoy.

L. Jones..

Sam The Man..

Ear candy from my new favorite artist, Sam Sparro.  Included in todays post is his video for the single, “Black and Gold” and a sweet cover of Estelle’s “American Boy.”  Find the Album on iTunes, Rhapsody, or in your fav record store.



I know a lot of you have probably seen this, but I had to share anyway.  Feel the cute!!

What the froth?

Hey all. Your girl is agitated, peeved, pissitivity levels raised to status purple. Yep. Maybe it was the time spent Xmas shopping with an impatient two-year old, or maybe its the nasty azz weather. Either way, things are annoying me. Yesterday during my usual internet crawl I discovered the hideous( and now famous) video of a female  MTV reality show participant getting sucker punched by some knuckle dragging dead eyed, sliver of a man because he allegedly took her drink. Le sigh..( ©Afrobella)I do not condone violence of any kind, so I’m not posting the video here. Google it if you must. ( look up Snooki, MTV’s Jersey Shore).

Anyway, my levels of pissitivity soared when I noticed the comments about this unfortunate situation being left on several blogs.  A few of which suggested that the young lady “deserved to get popped” or “she was way too mouthy and  had it coming”. I get quite tired of hearing such excuses for violent behavior and want to yell from the mountain tops that NOBODY deserves to get popped like that, and over a freaking drink. C’mon people. If she deserved to get jaw-jacked, he deserves to get violated by 89  rabid gerbils, chock full of H1N1. <–That was uncalled for, I know. 

Now that my little tirade is complete, I ask:  Have we as a people become too accustomed to violence? We have access to anything, damn near anywhere( cellphones,desktop, those lil tiny laptop notebook thingies, etc..) Has the ease of access desensitized us to even the most vile of things?  When are the idiots filming mess like this going to put the camera down and DO SOMETHING? Why couldn’t that turd just walk away if she was getting ” mouthy” or just ignore her, or maybe just go hide in a corner and rock back and for while trying to block out memories of whatever foul incidents woke up his inner bully? How would he feel if some dude pimp slapped his grandma/sister/whoever b/c she got loud at Tar-Jay over some coupons and was holding up the line?   What’s your take on this situation, and WWYD if you witnessed this mess? Fellas, I really want to hear from you…

Peace. PEACE damn it. Stop hitting people and doing stuipd crap for no GOOD reason.

P.S. The spineless sack of cat placenta mentioned above is a NYC schoolteacher. Watch your kids. –>http://news-briefs.ew.com/2009/12/11/jersey-shore-punch/

Scene Stealers Take 1…action!

With this being Christmas and all, A.K. and I decided to come up with some cool holiday stuff to pick up for yourself and/or the family this Holiday season.  We all know that every year there are a few cool items that flood into our minds as “the absolute must have item” (beanie babies, anyone??)   This year is no exception, as thoughts of something called Zhu Zhu Hamsters crawl up into our little heads and have us going crazy with jubilation.  No offense, but what in the hell is that??  Anywho, this neat little gadget called Yoostar came on tv the other day.  It’s a cool little device that allows you to be “in the movies” and act out some of your favorite scenes in popular movies.  With use of a little webcam and a remote control, you can remake movie magic in your own special way.  It’ll set you back about $169.99 but it’s real fun to play with the family and friends.  They’re constantly adding new scenes so sooner or later your favorite movie will be there to reenact just like you want!  Once done,  simply upload it to Facebook or Myspace for the masses to see!  I can’t wait until The Last Dragon is available so I can play Sho’Nuff!   Who’s da master!!!

For more info on Yoostar Entertainment System including where to purchase, click here.

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