Everyone should enjoy themselves..

Little orange umbrella.

What up folk? I’m slacking on my posts.. I know. In my defense, finals week cometh and my last few projects/papers and bits of studying are kicking my ass. I dedicate this post to those brave enough to do random good deeds. In the day-to-day meh-ness( <– yes that is a word, why? because I said so..) of running around trying to finish this, tweet that, etc.. we forget how nice it is get and give a little positive reinforcement. I was running across campus to my truck the other day, boots soaked, fro' wilted, sans umbrella. Mid sprint, a girl who I have never seen before just hands me an umbrella. Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback and also appreciative as hell. She didn't say a word..Just smiled and gave me a little orange and blue umbrella. Aww. Little things like that help to crack the pessimistic shell that i've developed in most of my adult life and restore my faith in the inherent goodness of people. The tiniest of things can make the biggest damn difference any day. To conclude, I suggest that we all practice a bit of unwarranted niceness. If you see a person in need and you can offer a bit of help, do so. Help change a tire, Hold a door open, give a compliment, give a smile. We can all do something to restore another's faith in humanity and it will almost always come back to us in a positive way. Peace humans.

Images courtesy of You are beautiful. Visit their site here



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