Everyone should enjoy themselves..

Hi.  L. Jones back at it again.   I know, I know….it’s been a good little while since I contributed my knowledge to the masses but it’s been kind of crazy lately.   But alas, we are back in business with promise to our faithful readers.  AfroKittay and myself are going to share our thoughts more frequently and fluidly (if that’s a word…hmm…).   Anywho, here I am with a question to all…..remember the time we had no cell phones to tie us down to life?  Remember when the only thing we had to use was “the house phone”?   Remember this little gem pictured above?   It was one of the first mobile phones by Motorola.  Sure, it was like $2 dollars a minute with no night and weekends, but what the hell!   It was cool to have and we would only use it for “emergencies”.  My have things changed in the course of 13 years.   Now we can’t determine if we need touchscreen or pda, unlimited calls or free mobile to mobile, internet plans or unlimited texts.   Wow.  It has gotten so out of hand, there are 4 year olds with cell phones!  Do you know what I was doing when I was 4?  Exactly…I don’t remember anything at that age!  I guess what I’m saying is we need to take the time to remember how difficult it was get in contact with people-and that’s a good thing.  I declare everyone to devote at least 2 hours a day with no cell phone.  As difficult as it may sound, those couple of hours will provide us with a chance to focus our attention on what’s more important-ourselves.  A day without constant access and communication is a SiMpLe day.  It’s the new year….change one thing about yourself.

L. Jones…


Comments on: "Old School Ways, I Can Hear Ya Now.." (1)

  1. afrokittay said:

    yoooo! I had one EXACTLY like that in HS. Well it was my dad’s and I used to front like it was mine. lol. Remember if you had a phone or a pager old folks thought you sold yay? lol.

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