Everyone should enjoy themselves..

Soles for souls.

The effects of the recent earthquake in Haiti have touched many people around the globe. The total loss of life is growing daily and the damage will effect the country in every way possible. I pray for the people of Haiti, and in my recent search for reputable orginazations accepting donations, I found a very cool way to help fulfill a basic need.

One of my fav online shoe stores desiger shoes.com.features an orginazation that’s accepting GENTLY WORN shoes to be sent to those in need. Haitian climate ranges from 72-85 degrees farenheit during the dry season, so please consider this when donating. A good sneaker or sturdy sandal would be ideal for wear in this climate, especially in larger sizes. More info on this cause can be found here

Peace folks. 🙂


1/20/10,Update: text YELE to 501501 to contribute $5.00 to relief efforts. There will be a one-time charge to your mobile-phone bill, and you may donate up to six times. For more info visit Yele Haiti


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