Everyone should enjoy themselves..

Who says you can’t have fun just being you??   The world is a trip sometimes when it comes to portraying intellect. We as people often act as if we’re too sophisticated to do something that would be out of the ordinary.  Sometimes you gotta have balls. Sometimes you gotta push the envelope. Sometimes we have to make stupid decisions so we can live to tell about it.  Let’s get out of the whole “I’m smarter than that” view of situations.  When it’s all said and done, being smart may have the brains to think about it, but being stupid has the balls to actually do it…

“The stupid are the only ones brave enough to do what no one in their right mind would do. The stupid, you see, know there are worse things that failure-like not even trying. But try they do, tallying up the impossible odds and going ahead and doing it anyway”.   ~compliments of Diesel Clothing (which have the best clothes, by the way)~

L. Jones…


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