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I’m leaving…on Monday Morning.

Okay…I’m in a musical mood today for some reason. I really like this song. It’s perfectly fitting for the springtime.  The song is very upbeat, the melody is quirky and the lyrics are serious and straight-forward; she’s leaving so no use in trying to make her stay. I guess after a winter of heartache and coldness, it’s time to shake off the weeds and blossom…I dunno. Melanie Fiona isn’t one of those cookie-cutter singers that require “extra stuff” to enhance their voice and sell records. She has raw talent. I love her.


Hotter than 100 degrees….

Okay folks….This is a jam. I first heard it about 2 months ago, and for some reason, I continue to dig this song. I have an uncanny ability to smell a hit, and my instincts are right on the money with this one. Be looking for this one to become a summer hit. It’s racy as hell, but sometimes that’s good…right?

Its time to speak….

Well hello there. I know its been a long time since we’ve updated the blog site, but with good reason. We’re going to implement a new blog site that’s dedicated to random stories: more of a fiction page where we (along with the general masses, of course that means you) can submit short stories and have the world read them. Sounds like fun, right? Cool. Don’t worry though; this original site will still be up to provide you folks with the random happenings we feed every once in a while. So get ready for a change..

L. Jones..