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The Fantasy of Jacob

So….I write poetry too. I’ve been writing for about 15 years now. I’m a weird creature though when it comes to writing; I do it in spurts. One week I may spit out about 10 poems, the next time it may take months. I have to feel it…Anyways, I was watching one of my favorite shows when I became inspired with this one. More to come soon from different artists and myself but for right now, here’s:

The Fantasy of Jacob.

Sometimes unthinkable thoughts begin to accumulate and gather, and outsiders wanting to know what’s the matter.
I just wait until the nights dim and the streetlights quietly hymm, i then head to the far corner of myself and plot my escape from the health..the health of my love.
You see, my emotions make me love in color for you…and share with others willing to view.
Fighting back the endless war of willpower is placed on the backburner while i fixate on this beautiful sexy ass head-turner.
I’m placing attention on her nipple dilatation and her “coming” correct..but one thing in my mind i often seem to neglect…
in my dreams, i take control of the sexual craving with laser precision.
in reality, however..if tried and tested..this love fascination would change EVERYTHING. So you linger in my mind until I fantasize myself into another sensual experience.

…..Good morning….

Misteree Jones