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Changing to the Darkside

I’m so wrong for this, but I don’t care.

I have a feeling this will change everything. I also have a feeling that some won’t like this forward thinking of me. This blog is not about sugar-coating the obviousness of the one thing that attracts men and women, cats, dogs, birds and bees. Sex. It’s on everyone’s mind. There was an old saying that men think about sex every 7 seconds…I agree, but with hesitation. I think women think of it just as much but don’t go about saying it. It may not be deemed “socially and morally correct” to broadcast how they feel. In fact I’ll jump out the window and say that men and women think of sex all the time. It’s human nature. It’s how we are wired. It’s how we satisfy ourselves. Being open about how you feel about sex should not be taboo. Hell, we’re all grown. Whether you’re single, married, gay, straight, black, white, man or woman, It’s okay. I say it’s okay. I’m not a doctor nor do I have a phD in the subject, but I do have the internet (that was supposed to be a joke). I also have enough experience to know what I know. Education vs. Experience is always been a soft spot to me, but that’s another blog and another time. Let’s talk about Sex!!!! Can I get some!?!

Sometimes questions are asked that I may have the answers to. If I don’t then, well, there’s the internet (another pointless joke; I crack myself up sometimes). It’s a mighty big world out there and someone has asked the same question you may ask. What I can promise you is my view on situations. If you love it, then great. Pass it along. If you hate what I say, well it’s a free country; you don’t have to read it anymore. Either way, I will get my point across and invite others to do the same. I will also incorporate some poetry and perhaps stories. A little explicit, of course.

Oh yeah, this blogsite can/may/will have some explicit language. You’ll know if it’s NSFW prior to..

So send me a question to mistereejones@gmail.com and I’ll answer for you. Don’t be scared. You’re secret is safe with me.


Its time for the second season….

Hey there beautiful ladies and gents!! This is the one and only L. Jones coming back for the second season of (drumroll please)….The Simple According To Dawnyele!! Yay!! I know we’ve been on a brief hiatus and have not been updating as often as before, but hell, we need some time off…I promise the next time you guys will be warned in advance. Its been almost two months but myself, afrokittay and m@ciebynite will get back into it soon. Consistency is key. So be prepared for more excitingly random stuff like movie reviews, cool music and everything in between. Until then, see ya!

Fresh is the new black……here’s M.B.N.!

Hey there folks.  Here at S…A2D (that’s SiMpLe..aCcOrDiNg tO DaWnYeLe, for the slow pokes), we’re always looking for brand new eyes…well not literally, that would be gross.  AfroKittay and myself are always willing to pull some craziness out of our minds to deliver to the masses.  Needless to say, it sometimes gets difficult to keep everyone up to date with us and the things we think about.  So instead of just us two versus the world, we decided to add additional people to the mix.  Expansion is good, right?  The more writers for the blog, the merrier!!  Nonetheless, I want to introduce something fresh to the scene.  M@cieByNite is here to contribute her complete randomness to DaWnYeLe!  She has been rated one of the most random people in the world by leading magazines…ok I’m lying, but she is still cool as hell.  So enjoy the smooth sounds (or words) of the infamous M.B.N. (again for the slow pokes, that’s M@cieByNite).

L. Jones..

Oh the horror of December 26th…

funny pictures of cats with captions

December 26th…The one day most people in retail hates. It’s Return Day. You know, those pair of socks with the bunny ears that your aunt Clara just had to get you…The Santa sweater that makes your tummy turn (what am I, 6 years old??)..or worse, that one electronic gadget that just didn’t work, no matter how many batteries you tried (and that’s that one I really wanted). Oh well, you and several thousand others will be standing in that Wal-Mart line, patiently for 3 hours just so they can tell you “Sorry no refunds. Exchanges or store credit only”. WTF!! No worries though because you can at least buy groceries there. Nonetheless, Happy Dec. 26th to everyone….and good luck!

L. Jones…

UnDeRsTaNdAbLe EmOtIoNs…

While listening to the new John Mayer album, Battle Studies, I came to a realization.  I heart the simple things in life that makes sense.  So when I was asked earlier today to help with situations that were pertinent to a relationship, I couldn’t.   There was so much to say, but no starting point.  It was like landing in the middle of marathon and not knowing whether the finish line was to your left or to your right.   So, to keep things simple (like I always try and do), I instructed them to write down the good things that happen to them….keep it in their pocket….and go back to it when feeling down and out.  Truth be told, life is never simple.  At it’s best, it makes you feel invincible.  At it’s worst, oh man.  Everything crumbles.  You lose focus, purpose and sometimes sanity.   I’ve learned to cope with things by letting music guide me back into that happy medium.   That works for me.  Well that, and a one night stand…just kidding haha.

So when does it end?   When your heart says so.

L. Jones

i’lL DrInK tO ThAt…..


So I had the chance to partake in a few drinks recently with a great friend of mine.  I was introduced to a new, up-to-date version of the Cape Cod.  It’s a classic drink that mixes 4 parts cranberry juice and 1 part vodka to create a nice bitter drink that’s not too sweet nor strong.  When mixed just right, it’ll have you feeling really REALLY good for the remainder of the night.  The drink pictured above, however, has more vodka than normal with only a splash of cranberry juice.  At first glance it looks like something very innocent…but don’t let the looks fool you.  More powerful than a locomotive, this Super Cape Cod is sure to make even the man of steel say “damn”.  The kicker is that the hint of cranberry juice blankets the taste of the vodka a little to create a nice drink to sip on.  This is a DaWnYeLe certified drink so it’s simple to make and try..but with caution.  It may lead to forgotten nights and regrettable mornings haha.  So please drink responsibly.

L. Jones

ThAt sMeLL GoOd IsH…

ViVa La JuicyWhen going out for a night on the town, what’s the one thing you have to make sure of? Well, other than your keys, wallet, purse and other default necessities.  I’m talking about smelling good. What’s the point of looking fabulous and not smelling fabulous?  That’s why I am going to start a new segment called (drumroll please…) That smell good ish of the week! I’m going to point out new (and older) fragrances that’ll complement your confidence and simple-sexy style, starting off with this week’s pick VIVA LA JUICY by Juicy Couture.  This fragrance exudes passion and the goodlife.  With hints of wild berries and mandarin mixed with honeysuckle and jasmine, this one is undeniably fresh.  Although it’ll set you back about $60 (and about $100 for a giftset, ouch!) it’s well worth it. Ladies, men love a great smelling woman and this one will make them drool!

L. Jones