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The feeling of love, or may just be heartburn.

photo courtesy:Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

Yep.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.   While some of us look at Feb. 14th as a great day to celebrate the joy of  love and affection, most of us look at it as just another random day that has been severely commercialized by big companies to capitalize off an idea that should really be celebrated everyday.  Hey, I’m just saying….At any rate, the day is here to stay (look at me, I made a rhyme haha) and we can learn to enjoy it by letting that special someone know just how special they make us feel by having that special place in our heart…

photo courtesy of lovingyou.com

Pardon me, but as you can see I’m sort of biased towards the day.  Is it too late to say Bah, Humbug!!!!  I’m just kidding people.  I kinda like going into the neighborhood grocery stores on the day of, just to see Joe Random Guy getting upset with himself because there’s only one mylar balloon left that says “get well soon” and a card with no envelope.  So sad.  So if you’re looking forward to the Day of Love, here are a few places/things the good folks at DaWnYeLe! have picked for you:

J. Alexander’s Restaurant–This restaurant has always been one of my favorite places to go and have an intimate dinner with your significant other.  Dimmed lighting , great food and great drinks, you can’t go wrong.  The price is steady and the wait staff is impeccable.

Valentine’s Day-The Movie–There has been quite the buzz regarding this movie due out Feb. 12th.   It has an ensemble cast with the likes of  Jamie Foxx, Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey and others.  There’s nothing wrong with a great date night movie, but get your tickets early as I’m sure it will sell out fast this coming weekend.

MyDearValentine.com–A great website to search for all things love.  This site has it everything.  Whether it’s browsing for valentines gifts and tips, questions about relationships and dating, travel guides for that romantic getaway, or even sending E-cards to that special someone, you can get it all here.

Chili’s Restaurant–Hey, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant.  Not as intimate as some other establishments but the  prompt service definitely makes up for it.  With a reasonably priced menu, great food and 2 for 1 drinks, what more can you ask for?  With several locations nationwide, there’s bound to be one close to you.

We at DaWnYeLe! hope you have a memorable V-Day weekend, so please plan ahead to avoid the rush and be safe!

L. Jones..


I’m on the pursuit of happiness…..

I never paid too much attention to this song/video called Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi until I was told about it through a co-worker.  I listened to it (as well as his album “Man on the Moon“. It’s awesome and very down-to-earth) and became a fan of the song and the artist.  Then it got me to wondering….what makes me happy?  Then I also got to wondering…what makes YOU happy?

We all look for some type of happiness, whether it be temporary pleasure or long term accomplishments, but what happens to us emotionally when we reach that plateau and the feeling has subsided?  It reminds me of a dog trying to chase a car.  Once the dog actually reaches the car, then what?  It doesn’t know what to do but just stand there, walking off in disdain.  All it knows is to run after the car and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t catch it.  It’s interesting to see people getting to that point where they work so hard to “chase the car”, whether it be working hard in college, searching for romance from a significant other, landing that big promotion at work, etc… only to be lost and not know what to do once they reach it.  I used to hear from my elders that once you’ve completed all the things you set out to do, you die.  I always thought they meant we would pass on to Heaven, but as I got older I realized things old folks say sometimes have multiple meanings.  Perhaps the fire inside you dies and contentment kicks in.  Well if that’s the case, then I’m going to forever be on the pursuit of happiness…I’ll be fine when I get it..I’ll be good…

Just my thoughts.

L. Jones..

Fresh is the new black……here’s M.B.N.!

Hey there folks.  Here at S…A2D (that’s SiMpLe..aCcOrDiNg tO DaWnYeLe, for the slow pokes), we’re always looking for brand new eyes…well not literally, that would be gross.  AfroKittay and myself are always willing to pull some craziness out of our minds to deliver to the masses.  Needless to say, it sometimes gets difficult to keep everyone up to date with us and the things we think about.  So instead of just us two versus the world, we decided to add additional people to the mix.  Expansion is good, right?  The more writers for the blog, the merrier!!  Nonetheless, I want to introduce something fresh to the scene.  M@cieByNite is here to contribute her complete randomness to DaWnYeLe!  She has been rated one of the most random people in the world by leading magazines…ok I’m lying, but she is still cool as hell.  So enjoy the smooth sounds (or words) of the infamous M.B.N. (again for the slow pokes, that’s M@cieByNite).

L. Jones..

Old School Ways, I Can Hear Ya Now..

Hi.  L. Jones back at it again.   I know, I know….it’s been a good little while since I contributed my knowledge to the masses but it’s been kind of crazy lately.   But alas, we are back in business with promise to our faithful readers.  AfroKittay and myself are going to share our thoughts more frequently and fluidly (if that’s a word…hmm…).   Anywho, here I am with a question to all…..remember the time we had no cell phones to tie us down to life?  Remember when the only thing we had to use was “the house phone”?   Remember this little gem pictured above?   It was one of the first mobile phones by Motorola.  Sure, it was like $2 dollars a minute with no night and weekends, but what the hell!   It was cool to have and we would only use it for “emergencies”.  My have things changed in the course of 13 years.   Now we can’t determine if we need touchscreen or pda, unlimited calls or free mobile to mobile, internet plans or unlimited texts.   Wow.  It has gotten so out of hand, there are 4 year olds with cell phones!  Do you know what I was doing when I was 4?  Exactly…I don’t remember anything at that age!  I guess what I’m saying is we need to take the time to remember how difficult it was get in contact with people-and that’s a good thing.  I declare everyone to devote at least 2 hours a day with no cell phone.  As difficult as it may sound, those couple of hours will provide us with a chance to focus our attention on what’s more important-ourselves.  A day without constant access and communication is a SiMpLe day.  It’s the new year….change one thing about yourself.

L. Jones…

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Hello people. Long time no convo. The holidays and the crazy that is this time of year got to be a little much, hence the unplanned hiatus. I’m back now, still sleep deprived and looney but here nonetheless. NYE came and went. What did you do? Can’t remember? Lol. I’ve been good, sober as a nun and quiet as a churchmouse trying to turn over a few new leaves. I don’t get into the practice of making new years resolutions, but I have promised myself that I will be making it a top priority to stay in good health. Your girl is a long time serial procrastinator, often neglecting to tend to all those little doctor’s appointments and health matters until a big flashing red flag peeks out and slaps me in the face. It’s a bad thing and it’s definitely gonna have to stop. 🙂 I realized yesterday (during my late-as-hell attempt to alter my class schedule) that January marks the beginning of the new year, a new decade, and also national cervical cancer awareness month.

*What is Cervical Health Awareness Month? The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month. During January, you may wish to highlight issues related to cervical cancer, HPV disease and the importance of early detection. Some of the issues you may wish to highlight are personal stories of women and family members/caregivers battling issues related to their persistent HPV/precancer and/or cervical cancer. You may wish to highlight recent advances and research in the prevention, detection and treatment of cervical cancer or HPV. You can highlight the success of your local/regional early detection cervical cancer screening and treatment programs and human-interest stories on the importance of early detection, education and the emotional issues related to battling cervical cancer and HPV.*

Brothers, sisters, mothers and others, make sure the women in your life keep their health in check. Rock the turquoise this month, take a loved one to the doctor and educate yourself more on these issues, as they could one day be life-saving.




I know a lot of you have probably seen this, but I had to share anyway.  Feel the cute!!

Grown-up Eggnog

I love eggnog, adult eggnog to be specific. Here’s a recipe I found on allrecipes.com for a little creole spin on my fav holiday drink. Enjoy.


EggNog_1.jpg image by jakebogdan

(Serves 48)

30 eggs
1 cup white sugar
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 tablespoon allspice
1 teaspoon ground mace
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon freshly ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon freshly ground cinnamon stick
1/2 cup pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon Angostura bitters
1 cup bourbon or blended whiskey
1 (750 milliliter) bottle dark rum
1 (750 milliliter) bottle almond-flavored liqueur, such as Amaretto
1 (750 milliliter) bottle brandy
6 quarts heavy cream
Beat the eggs with the white sugar, and light and dark brown sugars in a stand mixer until completely blended. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a bowl. Stir in the allspice, mace, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla.
Pour the bitters, bourbon, rum, almond-flavored liqueur, and brandy into a large, 4 gallon bowl or food safe bucket. Stir in the egg mixture until thoroughly blended. Pour in the heavy cream and continue stirring. Divide into smaller containers and refrigerate. Shake or stir the containers 2 to 4 times each day for 30 days.
Editor’s Note
While the high amount of alcohol in this recipe will counteract any possible bacteria from the eggs, if making this recipe with less alcohol, you may want to consume within the week. If you are concerned about the safety of consuming raw egg, use an equivalent amount of pasteurized egg which can be found in cartons in most grocery stores near the eggs. 30 eggs would be equal to 7 1/2 cups.
Nutritional Information
Amount Per Serving Calories: 660 | Total Fat: 47.3g | Cholesterol: 296mg

Sidenote: again, this is not my recipe. It was copied directly from a member’s page on all recipes.com