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The Interest.

So I decided to start my first blog with a question that was asked to me in email. Sidenote: I would like to give a shoutout to all the folks that responded to my blog. I ended up getting more views and questions on this one blog than any other i did before. I guess sex is a good topic, so i will continue to talk. Your feedback is appreciated very much. Now where was I? Okay. I received an email from a lady who we will call S. Black (of course I won’t say her name…) and she asked me about her boyfriend not being very “active” in the bed. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“What do you think about a man that doesn’t know about anything “outside” the box when it comes to having sex. Some things they are open to, somethings they are not. I just feel like certain things should be common knowledge in this day and age, but I have recently been proven wrong….I feel everyone should know what a cock ring is and what it’s for, even if they never used one. I feel that every man under 50 should know what pop-rockin is, even if it’s never been performed on them. So what do you say about a man in his early 30s that’s really not knowledgeable of anything “outta the norm” when it comes to sex. How do I get him to be more freaky in bed without him thinking I’m the biggest freak in the world? I haven’t been with very many men, I just always was open to trying new and interesting ways of keeping the bedroom exciting and interesting!”

Well, I’ll start off by agreeing with you by saying everyone should know what a penis ring is and I do know what it’s used for. Men, if you’re having an issue with quick-drawing, you may wanna invest in one. It delays the gratification for you so you can enjoy the action a little longer. Some also use it to intensify the orgasm. Pop-rockin is something that’s left to be desired in my opinion. For those who are clueless to what pop-rockin is, here’s a quick summary: put pop rocks in your mouth and let them pop while you’re doing..well you know. Altoids, on the other hand, is a completely different experience! It’s something about that cold rush that gets the blood boiling. Anyone and everyone should try it!

My suggestion to you is to not wait on him to initiate something different. Be proactive with the nastiness. If he doesn’t think outside the box, then open the box for him. Another thing is to talk to him about it. Maybe he doesn’t do anything freaky because he’s holding back. We men don’t or won’t know unless you say something about it. The previous relationship probably stalled him like that. Oh and there’s nothing wrong with having him think you’re the biggest freak in the world….as long as he knows you’re only freaky to him. It’s all about fun, not monotony. Don’t wait. You should initiate it. I think he’ll dig it, then dig you.

Thats all for me tonight sexy fiends… Email me with any other questions, comments or some of your own sexy stories. I know you have something to share.

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.