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Scene Stealers Take 1…action!

With this being Christmas and all, A.K. and I decided to come up with some cool holiday stuff to pick up for yourself and/or the family this Holiday season.  We all know that every year there are a few cool items that flood into our minds as “the absolute must have item” (beanie babies, anyone??)   This year is no exception, as thoughts of something called Zhu Zhu Hamsters crawl up into our little heads and have us going crazy with jubilation.  No offense, but what in the hell is that??  Anywho, this neat little gadget called Yoostar came on tv the other day.  It’s a cool little device that allows you to be “in the movies” and act out some of your favorite scenes in popular movies.  With use of a little webcam and a remote control, you can remake movie magic in your own special way.  It’ll set you back about $169.99 but it’s real fun to play with the family and friends.  They’re constantly adding new scenes so sooner or later your favorite movie will be there to reenact just like you want!  Once done,  simply upload it to Facebook or Myspace for the masses to see!  I can’t wait until The Last Dragon is available so I can play Sho’Nuff!   Who’s da master!!!

For more info on Yoostar Entertainment System including where to purchase, click here.

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