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I’m on the pursuit of happiness…..

I never paid too much attention to this song/video called Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi until I was told about it through a co-worker.  I listened to it (as well as his album “Man on the Moon“. It’s awesome and very down-to-earth) and became a fan of the song and the artist.  Then it got me to wondering….what makes me happy?  Then I also got to wondering…what makes YOU happy?

We all look for some type of happiness, whether it be temporary pleasure or long term accomplishments, but what happens to us emotionally when we reach that plateau and the feeling has subsided?  It reminds me of a dog trying to chase a car.  Once the dog actually reaches the car, then what?  It doesn’t know what to do but just stand there, walking off in disdain.  All it knows is to run after the car and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t catch it.  It’s interesting to see people getting to that point where they work so hard to “chase the car”, whether it be working hard in college, searching for romance from a significant other, landing that big promotion at work, etc… only to be lost and not know what to do once they reach it.  I used to hear from my elders that once you’ve completed all the things you set out to do, you die.  I always thought they meant we would pass on to Heaven, but as I got older I realized things old folks say sometimes have multiple meanings.  Perhaps the fire inside you dies and contentment kicks in.  Well if that’s the case, then I’m going to forever be on the pursuit of happiness…I’ll be fine when I get it..I’ll be good…

Just my thoughts.

L. Jones..