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Its time for the second season….

Hey there beautiful ladies and gents!! This is the one and only L. Jones coming back for the second season of (drumroll please)….The Simple According To Dawnyele!! Yay!! I know we’ve been on a brief hiatus and have not been updating as often as before, but hell, we need some time off…I promise the next time you guys will be warned in advance. Its been almost two months but myself, afrokittay and m@ciebynite will get back into it soon. Consistency is key. So be prepared for more excitingly random stuff like movie reviews, cool music and everything in between. Until then, see ya!


I’m leaving…on Monday Morning.

Okay…I’m in a musical mood today for some reason. I really like this song. It’s perfectly fitting for the springtime.  The song is very upbeat, the melody is quirky and the lyrics are serious and straight-forward; she’s leaving so no use in trying to make her stay. I guess after a winter of heartache and coldness, it’s time to shake off the weeds and blossom…I dunno. Melanie Fiona isn’t one of those cookie-cutter singers that require “extra stuff” to enhance their voice and sell records. She has raw talent. I love her.

Hotter than 100 degrees….

Okay folks….This is a jam. I first heard it about 2 months ago, and for some reason, I continue to dig this song. I have an uncanny ability to smell a hit, and my instincts are right on the money with this one. Be looking for this one to become a summer hit. It’s racy as hell, but sometimes that’s good…right?

I’m on the pursuit of happiness…..

I never paid too much attention to this song/video called Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi until I was told about it through a co-worker.  I listened to it (as well as his album “Man on the Moon“. It’s awesome and very down-to-earth) and became a fan of the song and the artist.  Then it got me to wondering….what makes me happy?  Then I also got to wondering…what makes YOU happy?

We all look for some type of happiness, whether it be temporary pleasure or long term accomplishments, but what happens to us emotionally when we reach that plateau and the feeling has subsided?  It reminds me of a dog trying to chase a car.  Once the dog actually reaches the car, then what?  It doesn’t know what to do but just stand there, walking off in disdain.  All it knows is to run after the car and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t catch it.  It’s interesting to see people getting to that point where they work so hard to “chase the car”, whether it be working hard in college, searching for romance from a significant other, landing that big promotion at work, etc… only to be lost and not know what to do once they reach it.  I used to hear from my elders that once you’ve completed all the things you set out to do, you die.  I always thought they meant we would pass on to Heaven, but as I got older I realized things old folks say sometimes have multiple meanings.  Perhaps the fire inside you dies and contentment kicks in.  Well if that’s the case, then I’m going to forever be on the pursuit of happiness…I’ll be fine when I get it..I’ll be good…

Just my thoughts.

L. Jones..

She Makes Me Happy….

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard was from a little British songbird named Corinne Bailey Rae.  If you never had the opportunity to check out her 2006 self-titled album, then you’re seriously missing out on absolutely great music.  Seriously.  Here’s a new song called I’d Do It All Again from her upcoming disc, due out in January 2k10.  This song shows that great music is still around.  It is so subtle with lyrics, yet displays so much conviction in her voice.  I love her, and I’m sure you will too.  Enjoy.

L. Jones..

UnDeRsTaNdAbLe EmOtIoNs…

While listening to the new John Mayer album, Battle Studies, I came to a realization.  I heart the simple things in life that makes sense.  So when I was asked earlier today to help with situations that were pertinent to a relationship, I couldn’t.   There was so much to say, but no starting point.  It was like landing in the middle of marathon and not knowing whether the finish line was to your left or to your right.   So, to keep things simple (like I always try and do), I instructed them to write down the good things that happen to them….keep it in their pocket….and go back to it when feeling down and out.  Truth be told, life is never simple.  At it’s best, it makes you feel invincible.  At it’s worst, oh man.  Everything crumbles.  You lose focus, purpose and sometimes sanity.   I’ve learned to cope with things by letting music guide me back into that happy medium.   That works for me.  Well that, and a one night stand…just kidding haha.

So when does it end?   When your heart says so.

L. Jones

AnD NoW…NeWnEss iS HeRe!

Bonjour. Nice to meet you. I’m the female side to Dawnyele’s story: Afrokittay.

A little about me:

Who are you? I’m a 28 year old mom and Sociology student living in south Louisiana. I love kittens, earrings, chocolate, music, shopping, cheese, and cool shit in general.

What the hell is up with that user name? I rock an afro, and I love kitties. Nuff said.

What are you doing here? My homey has been harassing me to share all of this infinite wisdom for like, 3 months. And now here I am: Afrokittay: Queen of the procrastinators.

What do you plan to talk about? As my fearless leader stated, I bring the sexy. I’ll be discussing things like fashion, art, culture, entertainment, and whatever else comes to mind.

Anything else? Sure, if you’re reading this, thanks! I’m open to any suggestions, comments and ideas from Dawnyele’s readers. Just shoot me an email at Afrokittay@Dawnyele.com. All I ask is that you save the drama for your mama, and NEVER come at anyone on this site in a hateful or malicious manner. You can be an ass, just be a semi-courteous ass. Dig?

A. K.