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You’re not on the guest list…You’re on the menu.

I was watching  the M&M Superbowl commercial where the red M&M is running on the check out counter trying to avoid being scanned and bagged.   He is out of breath as he runs, trying to escape being added to the groceries.   He looks back from time to time to make sure there is distance between him and the scanner but what he fails to do is keep an eye on what’s ahead of him.   Finally he looks forward and BAM, its too late…he can’t run anymore because there are things in his way.  He’s come to the end of the line.  The little guy gives it one last shot but runs face first into a cooler and the rest of the food for the party.  The red M&M still does not let fate take him without one last fight.  He  refuses to let the clerk scan him and places himself on the scanner.  The next thing you know he is in the shopping bag (paper not plastic I might add) next to the yellow M&M who is this happy go lucky random guy who was so easily scanned and bagged right from the beginning.   He did ‘t put up a fight at all.   In fact, he looks at the red guy and announces “hey we’re on the guest list”.

What does this have to do with life?   Well its simple;  some of us are naive and go with the flow of things like the yellow  M&M.   It doesn’t take much to capture those guys because they live by the motto “whatever happens, happens”.  They find pleasure in the result , no matter what it may be.   To them, there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Then there are those who will try to run from their destiny , like the red M&M.  They give it their all sometimes while looking to make sure they don’t fall victim to what lies beyond.  They tend to forget to look ahead for the hurdles that may be too big to overcome, thus ending up in the bag and at the party.  A strong fight is put up to not get there.  Once the race is over, their pride is still intact and they refuse a hand out (the cashier scanning them).  They handle the foreseeable  destination with dignity and class.   Once they are “bagged” and ready to be taken on the last leg of their journey, they are reminded that they are not just going to the party but just might be a part of what has brought everyone to the party in the first place.

So I pose this question……which are you?   Are you that determined red M&M who will try and run from the inevitable or are you the yellow M&M who just sits back and takes life as it comes?  I myself would like to say that I’m the tough guy red M&M who will run this race to the end…and when done,  I still wont conceit easily.   I will go out with pride and my head held high because I will have had the opportunnity to face my challenges and prove my strength.

I know this was RANDOM but its M@ciebyNite.


Fresh is the new black……here’s M.B.N.!

Hey there folks.  Here at S…A2D (that’s SiMpLe..aCcOrDiNg tO DaWnYeLe, for the slow pokes), we’re always looking for brand new eyes…well not literally, that would be gross.  AfroKittay and myself are always willing to pull some craziness out of our minds to deliver to the masses.  Needless to say, it sometimes gets difficult to keep everyone up to date with us and the things we think about.  So instead of just us two versus the world, we decided to add additional people to the mix.  Expansion is good, right?  The more writers for the blog, the merrier!!  Nonetheless, I want to introduce something fresh to the scene.  M@cieByNite is here to contribute her complete randomness to DaWnYeLe!  She has been rated one of the most random people in the world by leading magazines…ok I’m lying, but she is still cool as hell.  So enjoy the smooth sounds (or words) of the infamous M.B.N. (again for the slow pokes, that’s M@cieByNite).

L. Jones..

Old School Ways, I Can Hear Ya Now..

Hi.  L. Jones back at it again.   I know, I know….it’s been a good little while since I contributed my knowledge to the masses but it’s been kind of crazy lately.   But alas, we are back in business with promise to our faithful readers.  AfroKittay and myself are going to share our thoughts more frequently and fluidly (if that’s a word…hmm…).   Anywho, here I am with a question to all…..remember the time we had no cell phones to tie us down to life?  Remember when the only thing we had to use was “the house phone”?   Remember this little gem pictured above?   It was one of the first mobile phones by Motorola.  Sure, it was like $2 dollars a minute with no night and weekends, but what the hell!   It was cool to have and we would only use it for “emergencies”.  My have things changed in the course of 13 years.   Now we can’t determine if we need touchscreen or pda, unlimited calls or free mobile to mobile, internet plans or unlimited texts.   Wow.  It has gotten so out of hand, there are 4 year olds with cell phones!  Do you know what I was doing when I was 4?  Exactly…I don’t remember anything at that age!  I guess what I’m saying is we need to take the time to remember how difficult it was get in contact with people-and that’s a good thing.  I declare everyone to devote at least 2 hours a day with no cell phone.  As difficult as it may sound, those couple of hours will provide us with a chance to focus our attention on what’s more important-ourselves.  A day without constant access and communication is a SiMpLe day.  It’s the new year….change one thing about yourself.

L. Jones…

She Makes Me Happy….

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard was from a little British songbird named Corinne Bailey Rae.  If you never had the opportunity to check out her 2006 self-titled album, then you’re seriously missing out on absolutely great music.  Seriously.  Here’s a new song called I’d Do It All Again from her upcoming disc, due out in January 2k10.  This song shows that great music is still around.  It is so subtle with lyrics, yet displays so much conviction in her voice.  I love her, and I’m sure you will too.  Enjoy.

L. Jones..

Scene Stealers Take 1…action!

With this being Christmas and all, A.K. and I decided to come up with some cool holiday stuff to pick up for yourself and/or the family this Holiday season.  We all know that every year there are a few cool items that flood into our minds as “the absolute must have item” (beanie babies, anyone??)   This year is no exception, as thoughts of something called Zhu Zhu Hamsters crawl up into our little heads and have us going crazy with jubilation.  No offense, but what in the hell is that??  Anywho, this neat little gadget called Yoostar came on tv the other day.  It’s a cool little device that allows you to be “in the movies” and act out some of your favorite scenes in popular movies.  With use of a little webcam and a remote control, you can remake movie magic in your own special way.  It’ll set you back about $169.99 but it’s real fun to play with the family and friends.  They’re constantly adding new scenes so sooner or later your favorite movie will be there to reenact just like you want!  Once done,  simply upload it to Facebook or Myspace for the masses to see!  I can’t wait until The Last Dragon is available so I can play Sho’Nuff!   Who’s da master!!!

For more info on Yoostar Entertainment System including where to purchase, click here.

L. Jones..

A penny for your thoughts, and your groceries…

Wow…that’s all I can say. This “coupon lady” has inspired me to gather up my own lil savings stash. Tedious yet effective. Check it out.


Below are a few sites to assist you in your own personal coupon hunt. Happy shopping!

retail me not





Good evening humans. I’m back with my first addition to what I’ll just call COOLNESS. Occasionally we all run across that thing that we just have to share, text and tweet to the whole world about, hence the coolness. I plan to bring you lovely little bits from all over, but this entry is a little something for my locals. Luckily for a fluffy gal like me, I was born in south Louisiana, a region that is overrun with wonderful restaurants. I tend to get hooked on something in the area about once a month. Really. Right now (and probably for as long as they stay in business) my lunch time favorite is Taco Sisters. Located on upper end of Johnston Street in Lafayette LA, this cute little orange drive thru has the best fish tacos on planet earth.

Trust a fluffy girl, as I kid you not when I say that they’re orgasmic. Made fresh to order, this little shop is open five days a week from 11 am to 2pm serving tacos, “smoky boats” and salads that will provide a welcome change to your lunch routine. The food is the business, the service is always great and the prices are recession friendly. If you’re ever in the area, check the sisters out and try the fish taco with avocado and cheese. So much better than a run for the border.

Check out the website: http://www.TacoSisters.com