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Sometimes being stupid is so smart…

Who says you can’t have fun just being you??   The world is a trip sometimes when it comes to portraying intellect. We as people often act as if we’re too sophisticated to do something that would be out of the ordinary.  Sometimes you gotta have balls. Sometimes you gotta push the envelope. Sometimes we have to make stupid decisions so we can live to tell about it.  Let’s get out of the whole “I’m smarter than that” view of situations.  When it’s all said and done, being smart may have the brains to think about it, but being stupid has the balls to actually do it…

“The stupid are the only ones brave enough to do what no one in their right mind would do. The stupid, you see, know there are worse things that failure-like not even trying. But try they do, tallying up the impossible odds and going ahead and doing it anyway”.   ~compliments of Diesel Clothing (which have the best clothes, by the way)~

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Oh the horror of December 26th…

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December 26th…The one day most people in retail hates. It’s Return Day. You know, those pair of socks with the bunny ears that your aunt Clara just had to get you…The Santa sweater that makes your tummy turn (what am I, 6 years old??)..or worse, that one electronic gadget that just didn’t work, no matter how many batteries you tried (and that’s that one I really wanted). Oh well, you and several thousand others will be standing in that Wal-Mart line, patiently for 3 hours just so they can tell you “Sorry no refunds. Exchanges or store credit only”. WTF!! No worries though because you can at least buy groceries there. Nonetheless, Happy Dec. 26th to everyone….and good luck!

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A penny for your thoughts, and your groceries…

Wow…that’s all I can say. This “coupon lady” has inspired me to gather up my own lil savings stash. Tedious yet effective. Check it out.


Below are a few sites to assist you in your own personal coupon hunt. Happy shopping!

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Good evening humans. I’m back with my first addition to what I’ll just call COOLNESS. Occasionally we all run across that thing that we just have to share, text and tweet to the whole world about, hence the coolness. I plan to bring you lovely little bits from all over, but this entry is a little something for my locals. Luckily for a fluffy gal like me, I was born in south Louisiana, a region that is overrun with wonderful restaurants. I tend to get hooked on something in the area about once a month. Really. Right now (and probably for as long as they stay in business) my lunch time favorite is Taco Sisters. Located on upper end of Johnston Street in Lafayette LA, this cute little orange drive thru has the best fish tacos on planet earth.

Trust a fluffy girl, as I kid you not when I say that they’re orgasmic. Made fresh to order, this little shop is open five days a week from 11 am to 2pm serving tacos, “smoky boats” and salads that will provide a welcome change to your lunch routine. The food is the business, the service is always great and the prices are recession friendly. If you’re ever in the area, check the sisters out and try the fish taco with avocado and cheese. So much better than a run for the border.

Check out the website: http://www.TacoSisters.com


wRiTiNg iS mY KeY….

reading is fundamental!

I was up early one morning and decided to write….a short story nonetheless.  I woke up around 5am in a cold sweat and heart racing. The dream I  had was really, REALLY weird-almost surreal. 4 hours later I created an exact replica of my dream, only in paper form.  It’s funny that I sometimes can’t remember thoughts I may have gathered a few seconds ago, let alone my dreams.  It was obviously some kind of sign from above that made me remember every single detail.  Another one of my goals before I hit 35 was to write and publish a short story/book of poetry/novel.  I think I may just do that….Simon and Schuster, here I come!

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ThE bEgInNiNg oF SiMpLe…

Well, hello there!  Thanks for showing up and taking a look at what DaWnYeLe! is all about.  Our goal with our t-shirt designs is to help you beautiful ladies showcase “the simple” side of things… no disrespect to other shirt design companies. In a market  that’s overly saturated with flashy designs, crazy looking art or outrageous themes,  occasionally people want something fresh and new and..well..simple.  That’s where we come in.  DaWnYeLe! by Lewis Jones was created to bring out the natural side of you.  Whether you are going to the store to grab a few things, to the laundromat to wash, or just being lazy around the house, our shirts will fit your simple lifestyle. This is you without putting on airs; no makeup or fancy hairstyles.  This is you, naturally.  Show the world that this is you.  It’s okay to glam up and get fabulous to go out, but what about when you want to just chill and hang with friends?  A DaWnYeLe! shirt with a pair of jeans will do the trick.  You’re still perfection..just simplified!

The purpose of this blog is to show you the simple, yet perfection in everyday life and incorporate it in our mission for global dominance!  Just kidding..or am I?