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The feeling of love, or may just be heartburn.

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Yep.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.   While some of us look at Feb. 14th as a great day to celebrate the joy of  love and affection, most of us look at it as just another random day that has been severely commercialized by big companies to capitalize off an idea that should really be celebrated everyday.  Hey, I’m just saying….At any rate, the day is here to stay (look at me, I made a rhyme haha) and we can learn to enjoy it by letting that special someone know just how special they make us feel by having that special place in our heart…

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Pardon me, but as you can see I’m sort of biased towards the day.  Is it too late to say Bah, Humbug!!!!  I’m just kidding people.  I kinda like going into the neighborhood grocery stores on the day of, just to see Joe Random Guy getting upset with himself because there’s only one mylar balloon left that says “get well soon” and a card with no envelope.  So sad.  So if you’re looking forward to the Day of Love, here are a few places/things the good folks at DaWnYeLe! have picked for you:

J. Alexander’s Restaurant–This restaurant has always been one of my favorite places to go and have an intimate dinner with your significant other.  Dimmed lighting , great food and great drinks, you can’t go wrong.  The price is steady and the wait staff is impeccable.

Valentine’s Day-The Movie–There has been quite the buzz regarding this movie due out Feb. 12th.   It has an ensemble cast with the likes of  Jamie Foxx, Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey and others.  There’s nothing wrong with a great date night movie, but get your tickets early as I’m sure it will sell out fast this coming weekend.

MyDearValentine.com–A great website to search for all things love.  This site has it everything.  Whether it’s browsing for valentines gifts and tips, questions about relationships and dating, travel guides for that romantic getaway, or even sending E-cards to that special someone, you can get it all here.

Chili’s Restaurant–Hey, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant.  Not as intimate as some other establishments but the  prompt service definitely makes up for it.  With a reasonably priced menu, great food and 2 for 1 drinks, what more can you ask for?  With several locations nationwide, there’s bound to be one close to you.

We at DaWnYeLe! hope you have a memorable V-Day weekend, so please plan ahead to avoid the rush and be safe!

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