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What the froth?

Hey all. Your girl is agitated, peeved, pissitivity levels raised to status purple. Yep. Maybe it was the time spent Xmas shopping with an impatient two-year old, or maybe its the nasty azz weather. Either way, things are annoying me. Yesterday during my usual internet crawl I discovered the hideous( and now famous) video of a female  MTV reality show participant getting sucker punched by some knuckle dragging dead eyed, sliver of a man because he allegedly took her drink. Le sigh..( ©Afrobella)I do not condone violence of any kind, so I’m not posting the video here. Google it if you must. ( look up Snooki, MTV’s Jersey Shore).

Anyway, my levels of pissitivity soared when I noticed the comments about this unfortunate situation being left on several blogs.  A few of which suggested that the young lady “deserved to get popped” or “she was way too mouthy and  had it coming”. I get quite tired of hearing such excuses for violent behavior and want to yell from the mountain tops that NOBODY deserves to get popped like that, and over a freaking drink. C’mon people. If she deserved to get jaw-jacked, he deserves to get violated by 89  rabid gerbils, chock full of H1N1. <–That was uncalled for, I know. 

Now that my little tirade is complete, I ask:  Have we as a people become too accustomed to violence? We have access to anything, damn near anywhere( cellphones,desktop, those lil tiny laptop notebook thingies, etc..) Has the ease of access desensitized us to even the most vile of things?  When are the idiots filming mess like this going to put the camera down and DO SOMETHING? Why couldn’t that turd just walk away if she was getting ” mouthy” or just ignore her, or maybe just go hide in a corner and rock back and for while trying to block out memories of whatever foul incidents woke up his inner bully? How would he feel if some dude pimp slapped his grandma/sister/whoever b/c she got loud at Tar-Jay over some coupons and was holding up the line?   What’s your take on this situation, and WWYD if you witnessed this mess? Fellas, I really want to hear from you…

Peace. PEACE damn it. Stop hitting people and doing stuipd crap for no GOOD reason.

P.S. The spineless sack of cat placenta mentioned above is a NYC schoolteacher. Watch your kids. –>http://news-briefs.ew.com/2009/12/11/jersey-shore-punch/